Launch of the second edition of NUT


March 24th

A.I.R. Gallery


Domestic, Deanna Evans Projects, Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Bedford, Holly Coulis, Sarah Kurz, Amy Lincoln and Ellen Siebers

1.9.18 - 2.18.18


Cold Summer, The Provincial, Kaleva, MI

Eleanor Ray, Bill Conger, Rachel Malin, Yifat Gat, Ezra Tessler, Julie Tuyet Curtiss, Clinton King, Ellen Siebers, Talia Shulze, Jenna Ransom, Brian Cypher, Justin Clifford Rhody, and Matthew Wong

curated by Peter Shear

8.6.16 - 8.27.16

Basic Instinct, Fjord, Philadelphia, PA

Peter Shear and Ellen Siebers



Steinpilz, Grids and Glorias, Frosch&Portmann, NYC

David Hayward, Charles Ladson, Patricia Saterlee & Ellen Siebers

June 2 - July 17, 2016


Reading a Wave, with Ian White Williams, Proto Gallery, Hoboken NJ


Cosmicomics, curated by Vicki Sher, Frosch&Portmann, NYC 

Katherine Bradford, David Finn, Jay Henderson, Grant Huang, Sasha Pichushkin, Ellen Siebers, Vicki Sher, Daniel Weiner, Ye Qin Zhu
opens Thursday July 9, runs July 9 - August 16, 2015



personal:interpersonal:connected, Sardine, Brooklyn NY

Kate Harding, Deborah Hilert, Sarah Heinemann, Ellen Siebers & Elisa Soliven
opens Saturday July 11 from 6 - 9pm



Soft Nails, Matteawan Gallery (Beacon, NY), March 14-April 5 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 14 6-9 pm


Improvised Showboat (curated by Zachary Keeting and Lauren Britton) 

Golnar Adili
Yevgeniya Baras
Matt Bollinger
Angela Dufresne
Ashley Garrett
David Humphrey
Doron Langberg
Judith Linhares
JJ Manford
Eleanor Ray
Ellen Siebers
Elena Sisto
Brian Wood

Saturday, March 28 2015

20 W 20th Street, NY NY 

Reception: Saturday, March 28 2015 7-9


Show #25, Field Projects (NY, NY), April 7-May 16 2015

Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 6-8 pm



10 Exhibitions Under One Roof, Featuring 40+ Bushwick Artists. Curated by 10 Visiting Artists from across the US.
BOS 2014, May 30 - June 1
Hours: Saturday May 31 and Sunday June 1, 12 - 7 PM
Location: 195 Morgan Ave (Formerly 3rd Ward)